SCPF Special-Containment-Procedures-Foundation Wiki

[Item Number:] SCP-4000

[Name:] Danny ###### / Dr. Strange

[Age:] [Classified]

[Gender:] Male


[Intent:]Lawfully Evil


[Sexual Orientation:] Unknown

[Blood Type:] A-

[Humanoid or None Humanoid:] Humanoid

[Species:] Human-ish? [Unknown]

[Race:] [Classified]

[Blood Color:] Dark-ish red. Slight darker than normal blood.

[Philosophy:] N/A


[Eye Color:] Right dark brown eye. Left bright red eye.

[Hair Color:]Dark Brown

[Skin Color/Complexion:] White


[Posture:] Slouched

[Noticable Characteristics:] Holds many old wounds from SCPs, Security, and Task Force units over his body, mostly bite, scratch, and bullet wounds.

[Clothing Style:]When off-duty, he wears a grey sweetpants and a grey hoodie, with a black t-shirt, except on summer, then he does not have the T-shirt on. And seems to like to walk around on his bare feet.

On-Duty he has regular Scientist clothing on.

{Psychological Status:} 

[Personality:]Crazy, but calm. Seems to be in a happy mood around most SCPs. Including 049, 106, 035, 682, 999, 096, and 017. He is easilly angered when seeing SCPs being abused. Further, he does not talk much, and so, not much is known about his personality.

[Backstory:]SCP-4000, or, Dr. Strange, is from a small town in ##########. And was found by i Intelligence agency, after SCP-4000 regenerated 10 minutes after his death. Not much is known about him from before he was found. Besides that he has killed quite some people for reasons such as the abuse of animals.

[Notable Habits and or Actions:]SCP-4000 seems to be very protective over animals and SCPs, but has a strong hatred towards humanity. He has a daily routine of waking up, eating breakfast, getting some coffee, and then goes to his office to work for almost 20 hours, no break, nothing. This is excluded from days when he tests SCPs. Or when there is a meeting.

[Weaknesses:]No known weakness, besides that he can die, although he would regenerate within 10 to 30 minutes.

[Strengths:][Classified Information]

[Cell Description:] [Classified Information]

[Requirments For Opening or Viewing Cell:]Only needed permission from SCP-4000 [Materials Used To Make Cell:][Classified Information] [Capacity of Cell:][Classified Information] [Viewing Operations:]It holds one Security camera for SCP-4000s own safety, as he is known to harm himself in his sleep. Or when depressed.

[Abilities:]Regenerative ability after deep wounds, or death. Physical and mental abilities are twice as strong than that of any Human

{Other Details:} 

[Noises SCP Makes:]The English and Dutch Language.

[Mental Stability:] 5

[Favorite Things:] SCPs, animals, Food(Most of the time Pizza) Games.

[Zodiac Signs:][Classified/Unknown]

[Energy Source:]Rest(In any kind of form, sleep, rest, meditation, any type of way)