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Scp 6782.

Object class: Thaumiel-K52

SCP 6782.png
SCP-6782 less angry.png

SCP 6782 is a drawing hence its name. Not much is known about it, but there were no reports of it killing anyone or anything. It can get hostile though, and will strangle victims; However, he will not kill the victim. It’s victims are usually people who live in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. SCP 6782 looks like a humanoid with tentacles on its back and has black eyes. Orange if in a state of anger, and it’s skin turns black when about to strangle someone. It usually targets harmful scps. It killed 096 And 106 and also 1048 but saves the thaumiel and innocent scps. It tries to save the world and kill the horrible horrible scps. It’s currently killing scps 173 and 682. I’ll add more later. While you are waiting, here’s a picture or so of it.