Foundation ranks/Levels

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The Foundation has certain ranks that judge where certain people can go to. Such as, a Level 2 can go to far more spots of our Sites than a Level 0


Class-D : Class-Ds are most of the time prisoners, or, death row to be exact. They are the ones that oftenly are sent in with SCPs, to see what the SCP does, and how it reacts.

Class-E : Class-E is seen as a punishment rank, they are to be terminated as quickly as possible. They are oftenly seen as a threat to the foundation, and/or their personnel.

Level-0 : Level-0 are the first of the staff, and are most of the time unknown with the SCPs. They never seen, or heard of it. As they do not show up at any of the sectors where SCPs are contained.

Level-1 : Level-1 are the first to know of the SCPs, and are most of the time allowed to join a department/division They have the ability to enter a SCP sector. But only L1(Level-1) are allowed to enter that sector if they are in certain Departments

Level-2 : Level-2 are the first that are allowed in the first SCP sector, even if he/she is not in a department. Level-2 are also have the ability to enter a few SCP Containment rooms.

Level-3 : Level-3 is a common Level for must members. And the last you can get with a Application. Level-3 oftenly got a good rank by now in their division/department. And know exactly what to do when certain things happen.

Level-4 : To earn Level-4 you must have proven yourself for the Administrator to trust you. This happens rarely, but if it happens. You are lucky.

Level-5 : Level-5 is almost impossible to gain. But if you do, you have gained trust, proven skill, and know how to lead certain people.

Site Director : The Site Director is pretty much the boss of a certain site. They can command (almost)anyone in their site. At their site they are also given a Omni card, as they can be anywhere, aslong they do not set themselves in danger, or go against the commands of the O5.

O5-Council : Those are 13 of the most powerfull people in the Foundation. Only the Administrator, and the O5-Council can choose its members. Each one of them oftenly oversees a Department, and makes sure no corruption, or immature members are in it.

O5-Head : He is the highest, and most powerfull of the O5. He understands things almost as well as the Administrator himself.

The Administrator : This rank is impossible to gain. The Admin does not hold too much power in the Foundation itself. But it is better to not mess with him. Even though he can be calm, he can also be very annoying and dangerous. 

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