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Special Containment Procedures[]

The physical containment of SCP- is a "rubber room" for mental patients, which the SCP has attached itself to. The room is kept small for the reason being the larger the room the larger and more dangerous the SCP gets.

Danger level[]

Although SCP- is safer in containment (reaching the highest containment class level "Keter") if exposed to a larger area the SCP will grow in rapid sizers, and parentally end the world and even to drastic intent the universe.


SCP-∞ "SCP Infinity/Infinite" is a white/silver "black-hole" described symbiote, which can attach itself to anything, which kills its pray through hatching it and absorbing its body, described like a spider-web. The symbiote in containment attaches itself to its surrounding walls, and any alive object which enters the room is instantly captured by parts of the symbiote, pulling the object into the wall.


SCP-∞'s appears to resemble some sort of a stretchy material, which is able to infinitely stretch. Its visual appearance is mostly white with parts of silver, but some parts of it shine resembling stars and nebulas, which theories predict that SCP-∞ has captured and absorbed multiple universes after the SCP has been set free, and after that happens the SCP glitches to another universe.

Artists visual example of the transformation from reality to inside of SCP-∞

Once entering the room containing SCP-∞ (as mentioned) you are instantly captured by the symbiote, pulling you into itself. While captured and being absorbed, your vision reacts as it would if sucked into a black hole: You vision objects and life around you bend and stretch, studies with camera’s have discovered that once entering its body you are shown with an infinite body of area, where all life the symbiote has captured appears.

Tests on Class-D[]

Only a small percentage of Class-D have been tested on SCP-∞, due to its level of danger and the amount of caution which needs to be taken in its presents, a small percentage of the tests taken with Class-D has resulted in death, or what the expects to happen after being absorbed by the symbiote. One of the most significant tests with this SCP was with Xander Riley, a mental patient contained in the foundations "rubber room" which being the same room the SCP is now contained in. The SCP, which was a new discovery at the time, was first introduced to Xander. The symbiote was contained in a small clear cube, which at the time was kept in a vault like containment. The SCP's containment was opened via the the rubber-room Xander was in. The SCP after it containment was opened launched itself at his mouth. After the SCP had entered Xander's body it effected his appearance bonding with a host, growing his jaw wider featuring fang-like teeth. The rest of the story apart from the fact that the SCP was to dangerous to be taken else-where for containment so the SCP was left for new containment in that same room, is only available to the highest Foundation Administrative Staff, such as the Ethics Committee or the O5 Council. Anyone without Level 5 access will always be denied to hear the rest of the story. Loves to eat tummies.