SCPF Special-Containment-Procedures-Foundation Wiki


Safe Class.gif

SCPs that are very easy to contain or that don't need many resources to contain. That doesn't mean that SCP is not dangerous, just simple to contain.


Euclid Class.jpg

SCPs that require more resources to contain completely or where containment isn't always reliable. Usually this is because the SCP is insufficiently understood or inherently unpredictable.

Keter Class.jpg


SCPs that are very difficult to contain or haven't yet been contained. Generally the resources to contain these SCPs are limited. This doesn't mean the SCP is dangerous; just difficult to contain

Thaumiel Class.jpg


These are SCPs that help the foundation to contain or counterattack other SCPs.


Apollyon Class (Not Fixed Symbol).jpg

SCPs that are impossible to contain and that could cause a Class-K or XK End of World catastrophic event. These SCPs could pose a serious threat to humanity.



53 Class.jpg

An SCP Ranking 53 is highly intrusive, has unknown capabilities, and an unknown nature. That is, when an anomaly is discovered, it is a 53, and after discovering what it does, it will be classified with another Class.


Zeno Class.jpg

A Zeno Rated SCP is an SCP that is difficult to contain but not dangerous or not dangerous at all.Even though there is no danger, special containment procedures must be effective to prevent their escape or a breach.


Heimal Class.jpg

It would be two or more beings with the same powers, as they can be twins or clones Or Beings that control the powers of the other SCP but do not control theirs and the others do the same thing Or Beings that can be together to help their powers