SCPF Special-Containment-Procedures-Foundation Wiki

What is a S.D : The Security department is responsible for providing security and protection for the Foundation’s facility and objects, regardless of their priority. SD employees are trained to counteract containment breach events, intrusions, sabotage, and other emergencies. Newcomers to this service usually undergo general training before being assigned to an object or site. Special training for working with a given objeperformed on-site after assignment.


Security Department Ranks

Able Recruit I : Trainees are low-Class Security units. They do not have much experience, and are rarely sent on the field of danger. They have no command over anyone, and yet have to prove themselves in training and battle.

Able Cadet [TRAINED] Trained Security Department Cadet Fresh From Tryout/

Able Recruit II : Able Recruit II is basically Able Recruit I but shows they have experience. They are a bit more experienced, but, still, mostly are not sent out too often. The most likely place you shall find one is in the CDC.

Guard : Guards are usually more common, being intermediates in training and battle. They are more commonly seen at more likely to be dangerous areas/zones. They are still considered a low-class security unit.

Medical Agent : Medical Agent are middle-Class Security unit.They act as the first AID for Security members and other.They are guards that has been professionally trained in medic.

Control Team Officer : Control team officers are usually specialized in keeping radio equipment, weapons, etc. under control. They are a medium-level rank and would be around a security team most of the time.

Chief Control Team Officer : Control team officer, but in command, and there will only be 1 in a squadron at a time. They are considered the first senior rank.

Specialized control unit : The Specialized Control Unit consists of trained personnel skilled in re-containing and responding to breaches within the sites of the Foundation. They are picked from tryouts and are then trained. They are a middle-class Security unit.

Officer : Officers are the most loyal and respected personnel of the security department.They are high-class Security Unit. They have the most authority of the security department apart from security command. Personnel categorized as security officers are: 2nd Lieutenants, Lieutenants Acting Captains, and Captains.

Chief : Chief is part of the HiComm. He is the one in charge under assistant director. He can command all ranks below him. He is to train all ranks below him.

Commander : The commander is the highest rank and is only given to the most trusted and skilled members of the SCP foundation.

Director : The director is the department overseer. They send all information they get to the administrator and are most likely ranked at O5.