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Applications are the main way of being promoted, it is rare that someone is being "free ranked" as i, the Serpent's Fang are against it, although, for a few reasons it is possible to skip a Level, once again, this is rare, and not a active thing to happen.

When you join, you have to wait 24 hours before you can send your first applications, once done that, you wait another 24 hours, to send your next.

Level-F and Level-E applications are sent to Level-B personnel, they will see if you passed or not

Level-D and Level-C applications are sent to Level-A personnel, they will see if you passed or not.

When there are no Level-B personnel, you send it to a Level-A, when there are no Level-A personnel either, you will send it to the Serpent's Fang, the Serpent Council is not to be disturbed in any way, by your applications.



1: Why did you join the Serpent's Hand?

2: What/who made you know of the SCP genre?

3: What are your future plans for this group?

4: Have you had any connection with the SCPF we are enemies with?


1: Who are the Serpent's Hand?

2: Is there a future division you want to join?

3: How would the Level-E clearance & Level benefit you?


1: What division are you in? if you are not in any, why not?

2: What is to you interesting in this genre?

3: Explain who SCP-173 is in your own way.


1: Why does the Serpent's Hand free SCPs?

2: Who is SCP-682, explain in your own way.

3: Describe the division your in. (If you are in any)

4: How will Level-C clearance benefit you?

5: Do you plan to become a higher Level/rank?

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